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The Professional Yoga Teacher's Handbook contains dozens of prompts to help you determine everything from the right teacher training to take to the appropriate fee structure for private lessons. Download a workbook file here, and access sample waivers and contracts.

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Media Kit/Workshop Offerings

Recommended Services

Legal Advice

Insurance for Yoga Teachers


Ask your accountant what they prefer. Two major options:

Website Hosting/Building

Video Hosting/Streaming

Recommended Equipment

The links below are affiliate links; I encourage you to shop at your local electronics store, too, or at B and H Photo, where you can get expert advice online.

Video Camera

  • First, try upping the recording settings on your phone to 1080p or 4K!
  • Or use a quality SLR camera on a tripod, if you have one
  • The Canon Vixia is small and easy to use



  • You can get by with clamp lights like you’d find at a home improvement store, especially if you are adding to an already-lit space. Here’s a cheap one.
  • You’ll do better by adding lighting rigs. I have this inexpensive LED set by Neewer, and it’s fine in a room with other light.
  • If you want help with lighting, again, I recommend talking to B and H Photo or your local photography/videography store. They can save you a lot of trial and error.


    • Video is better shot on a stable tripod. To affix your phone to a tripod, use a mount like this. A cold shoe will provide a place for you to attach the microphone.
    • Slik makes good tripods; here’s one.
    • If you are shooting on a cell phone, you will need adapters for your mic:
      • A TRS to TRRS adapter like this one by Movo
      • If you’re on a Lightning device like an iPhone, you’ll also need a Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter (which may have come with your phone)

Recommended Reading

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