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Bring Me to Your Studio or Event

Want to host me to speak or teach to your students or teacher trainees? Great! Download the Workshop Offerings form to get started. You’ll also find bios, book covers, and high-quality photos at my media kit folder.

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Online Courses for Yoga Teachers

If you would like to sign up your yoga teacher trainees to take a course as a group, I’m happy to work with you. We can even have their homework and quiz answers go right to you! I extend a 15-percent discount for group sales over 10 and include a one-hour videoconference Q&A for your students. Contact me to get started.


Sequence Library

NEW! All of my go-to sequences are here in one handy reference! You can mix and match to plan your class or home practice.


Classroom Management and Safety

Learn how to handle classroom disruptions from heart attacks to fart attacks with grace and confidence.


Professionalism for Movement Teachers

Level up your teaching and create a successful relationship with your students, clients, employers, and colleagues.


Sequencing Yoga Classes from Welcome to Namaste

Confidently design creative, balanced, and fulfilling sequences for every portion of an asana class.


Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses

Gracefully integrate themes, ideas, and inspiration into your yoga or movement class.


Teaching Yoga to Athletes

Feel empowered to teach athletes of all sports and levels in studio, gym, or one-on-one settings.


The Content Workshop

Plan, place, produce, and promote online classes, helpful social media posts, articles, and more.


The Workshop Workshop

Create, place, and promote a fully developed workshop on any topic. Taking this course pays for itself in no time!

Books for Teacher Trainees