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Extend Your Reach Beyond the Classroom Ready to take your reach beyond the movement classroom? Do you have useful advice to share with your audience, but feel unsure about how to do it and where to start? In the Content Workshop, Sage Rountree shows you how to share your gifts with the world by creating content.

What You’ll Learn

In this workbook course, we cover:
  • finding your niche and platform
  • outlining, creating, and refining content
  • placing it where it can do the most good
  • pointing people to it
Whether your strength is in photography, videography, or writing, this workbook course will get you clear on planning, generating, and promoting your work.

How You’ll Learn It

When you sign up for the course, you’ll receive instant, lifetime access to 70 minutes of friendly video presentation and numerous workbook prompts and resources to get you started creating content to benefit your students and your career. You’ll make notes and plans as you move through each lesson. By the end of the course, you will have a full strategy for generating content to help your students. Work at your own pace and at a time that’s convenient for you. Then use your lifetime access to review the materials at your leisure. All of my courses have a free sample unit. Please enjoy! If you run into any trouble playing a video—especially if you see a message reading, “Sorry, because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here”—please write to It’s extra useful if you include a screenshot showing where the trouble happened. Thanks in advance! —Sage