Book a Private Lesson

Direct personal study with me will fast-track your practice. In a private lesson, you’ll receive personalized instruction tailored to your interests and needs, you’ll be able to ask questions all along the way, and I will give you a follow-up assessment with detailed practice notes and suggestions for home practice.

What to Expect

Private lessons help you best when you’re clear on what you want. I’ve taught private lessons to:

  • Break down sun salutations
  • Troubleshoot downward-facing dog and other problematic poses
  • Discuss yoga philosophy and the student experience in group class
  • Find the right mat for a student’s taste
  • Reassure students they are going to be fine in my public class
  • Design a sport-specific warmup and cooldown
  • Celebrate life events like weddings and family reunions

As with any coaching, you’ll improve fast when you commit fully to several sessions. When you book, we’ll discuss your goals and the best schedule to meet them.

For over a decade, I’ve worked with collegiate teams, high school camps, and other groups of athletes, including several teams, athletes, and coaches at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In these team lessons, athletes receive personal, sport-specific attention; become injury-resistant; and develop tools to self-regulate in high-pressure situations.

Small-Group Rates

Private lesson at Carrboro Yoga or online

  • 1–5 people, $200/hour
  • 6–10 people, $300/hour

Private lesson offsite

  • 1–5 people, $250/hour; 6–10 people, $350/hour
  • Add $75/hour travel time 10+ miles outside of Carrboro

Commitment to 5+ lessons with prepayment comes with a 15 percent discount

Large-Group Rates

  • Private lesson for your team (10+), $400/hour

Commitment to 5+ lessons with prepayment comes with a 15 percent discount

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